The company

The investment in the worldwide first bicomponent spunbonded nonwoven production line with hydroentanglement started in September 2014 with a sum of 17 million euros. One year later the hydroWEB GmbH started the production of spunbonded nonwovens. Today 30 employees are working in Halberstadt, Saxony- Anhalt. With a capacity of 5000 tons per year and a financially strong investor we offer you spunbonded nonwovens, tailor-made to your needs.

Range of applications


  • Carrier material for transport protection covers
  • Nonwoven for loading floor
  • Intermediate layers
  • Protective covers for seats


  • Carrier material for roofing underlays
  • Carrier material for sealing sheets (damp locations)
  • Carrier material for tapes anti-weed fabric,
  • nonwoven for root protection


  • Carrier material for various kinds of coating e.g. table cloths
  • Carrier material for artificial leather coating


  • Spring pocket boxes
  • Mattress covers


  • Stoma pouches
  • Surgery covers
  • Surgery clothes


  • Filter media for dry filtration
  • Filter media for wet filtration (pleatable)


  • Panty liners> >use in baby products, femcare and adult incontinence
  • Wet-wipes
  • Washing gloves
  • Make-up removal pads


  • Intermediate layers
  • Upholstery nonwoven
  • Covers
  • Underlays


  • Nonwoven for bags and pouches
  • Absorbent pads for food packaging
  • Antistatic packaging nonwoven
  • Packaging nonwoven with corrosion protection