Our bicomponent technology enables a large product range. It lets us meet your specific requirements regarding quality and functionality and it offers the following advantages:

  • the use of different raw materials, whereby the physical-technical, haptic and optical characteristics of the nonwoven can be specifically adjusted to the requests of the application
  • the use of various additives and batches both in the core and in the surface is possible (UV stabilizers, flame retardants, hydrophilization, colours and many more) and higher technical values compared with standard spunbonded nonwoven at the same weight.
  • Individual solutions for different market segments e.g. the combination of polyester and polyethylene for medical products, which makes the spunbonded nonwoven gamma ray resistant
  • all raw material combinations are applicable both in the thermobonding and in the hydroentanglement processes
  • cost saving due to the reduction of the weight per sqm through consistent quality
  • the combination of alkali resistant PP with thermic and UV resistant PET allows the converting processes established for PP nonwovens to be maintained